Required Nintendo Switch Accessories!

After you buy the Nintendo Switch, what accessories should you have?

Nintendo Switch has provided a complete game console package. However, you can use some accessories so that playing on the Nintendo Switch becomes more fun and makes your gaming experience safer and certainly more optimal.

Here are the mandatory accessories that I recommend:

1. Skull & Co Thumb Grip Analog JoyCon

thumb grip for nintendo switch
thumb grip for nintendo switch

The first is the thumb grip, which I recommend is the thumb grip from Skull & Co because of its built quality which is very good and durable.

why thumgrip? This is in my opinion only, because to protect the Nintendo Joycon analog, let me use it longer and add grip to the analog.

2. Tempered Glass Screen

tempered glass/screen protector for nintendo switch
tempered glass/screen protector for nintendo switch

Because this Nintendo screen material is made of plastic and is very prone to scratches both from use or contact with other objects. Especially when Nintendo is inserted into the docking, it is very possible to risk scratching the screen, so it is highly recommended to install tempered glass on the screen of your Nintendo switch.

3. Nintendo Switch Grip Case

grip case for nintendo switch
Grip case

If you play this Nintendo console very often, I highly recommend installing a grip controller so that your grip on this console is more comfortable.

4. Pro Controller

Pro controller for nintendo switch
Pro COn

Untuk anda yang memiliki durasi main nintendo switch cukup lama, saya menyarankan memakai pro controller ini. Karena selain mencegah controller bawaan nintendo switch anda cepat drifting/rusak Pro controller ini lebih nyaman dan tidak membuat tangan anda cepat lelah karena pegangannya sangat baik dan pas ditangan.

5. Game Case

game case 4 slot
game case

For those of you who often buy physical games, it is highly recommended to buy this game place. so that the game is neatly stored and not easily damaged.

6. Hard Case Pro Con

pro con hard case
hard case for pro con

For those of you who use pro controller, it is highly recommended to buy the case as well. in addition to protecting your pro controller this case so that you more easily bring the controller.

those are some recommendations from my accessories that I think are required to be purchased after you have a Nintendo switch. So if there is a correction or suggestion please comment under CMIIW …

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