List of Accessories for PS4 Must be Owned

You may be trusting that the PS5 will come out. In light of that, you shouldn’t have your current PS4 gradually turning into a mistake.

Regardless of whether you’re worn out on having to uninstall and re-download games constantly due to the constrained stockpiling inside your PS4 or you need to quit having to painstakingly connect your controller to keep its battery charged, there are adornments that can make your outstanding time on the PS4 unquestionably progressively lovely.

Here is a list of amazing accessories to improve your PS4,

1. Seagate Game Drive for Xbox 2TB Portable HDD

Seagate Game Drive for PS4 4TB
Seagate Game Drive for PS4 4TB

Seagate 2TB Game Drive for PlayStation 4 is a portable external hard drive to increase the storage of your game console. This is a smart device that allows you to store more than 50 games.

This gives you maximum space to save your game without deleting your previous favorite games. Just add these accessories to your console and you don’t need to worry about your old games.

2. PS4 Remote Control

pdp bluetooth media remote control
pdp bluetooth media remote control

This Bluetooth PDP media remote control is perfect for PS4 especially for those of you who like to use your PlayStation to watch movies, shows and other media.

This remote control is also ideal for those who want a simple way to navigate the PS4 over long distances. Because controlling using DualShock can be very sensitive and also difficult to direct the screen and choose the right icon. This remote makes the process easier and more convenient.

For only twenty-five dollars, you will be able to feel the benefits well. Another great thing about this remote is that it automatically turns off after 30 minutes to save battery if the remote is not in use. Just press any key and it will turn on again.

3. KontrolFreek FPS Snipr Controller

Kontrol freek FPS Snipr Controller
Kontrol freek FPS Snipr Controller

Want to improve the game on FPS games? The controller accessory is one of the right choice. SNIPR is actually intended for more sensitive movements in remote shooting situations (sniping) and driving games.

We like it when playing Rainbow Six: Siege but only when using certain weapons. It really is like as a sniper. The spiral design is the most comfortable because your thumb falls into it and we certainly agree that it is meant for hands that are a little bigger because we enjoy it the most.

Grips are a great addition to what controller and in any situation. This really makes a difference in long game sessions and is a convenient improvement from the plastic shell controller.

It was wrapped around the back and gave a great grip and hit all the contact points we had with the controller itself.

4. Logitech Driving Force Racing Wheel

logitech driving force racing wheel
logitech driving force racing wheel

The Logitech Driving Force is a power input wheel, one of only a handful not many that works with the PS4. Try not to possess a PS4 yet? It’ll additionally carry out the responsibility for the PS3 and PC.

This is a decent wheel, one that may profoundly expand your pleasure in hustling games on the off chance that you don’t yet claim a power criticism wheel. In any case, it offers just minor upgrades over the ‘work of art’ Logitech, a wheel that doesn’t work with the PS4 on account of quarrelsome similarity issues.

anybody considering purchasing the Logitech needs to consider the Thrustmaster T300 RS and T300 Ferrari GTE. To settle on the choice trickier, the two camps each have their high points and low points, however the smoother feel of Thrustmaster’s wheel may well wrap everything up for a large number of you.

5. PS4 Controller Charging Dock

PS4 Controller Charging Dock
PS4 Controller Charging Dock

This one is the officially licensed version, and it does exactly what you’d expect. It charges a pair of DualShock 4 controllers at the same time, and does so through the supplied AC adaptor.

That means you don’t need to have your console switched on to use this, and you can charge your controllers at any time, leaving them fresh each time  you play.

It even has a simple design and the official PlayStation logo on there, as this is an officially licensed product.

It doesn’t do much else, other than charge controllers, so don’t try and hang your VR headset, Move controllers, or damp laundry on there – it won’t do anything for any of these items. No cooling here, but you don’t need that for just charging controllers.

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